29 December 2012

Stream your music with free music storage on Dropbox.

free music storage

Free music storage for all

Dropbox has now become one of the best free online cloud storage in the world. Many famous sites referred him as the best free cloud based storage service.Here in this post I have discussed about the hosting for a free music storage where you can stream your music without waiting for invitations or paying an extra penny for extra privileges.You have heard of many of music storage services like Amazon Cloud Drive,Google Music and ,Apple iCloud . But this doesnt mean that this thing are limited to them only. Now we many free music storage services or can convert free online cloud storage services to free music storage's with the help of some API which I am going to discuss it now.

So the most good one is Droptunes. The best Dropbox API to start with is Droptunes. There is no good better than Dropbox to convert it as
free music storage for all the songs you have.


Do you have a Dropbox account? If do not have it than have now from https://www.dropbox.com/.

Than you use Droptunes. You have to do nothing just simply add some of your best music to your Dropbox folder and log into Droptunes account. Now you can play any music from any browser.That how your dropbox account work as
free music storage folder.

droptunes free music storage
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The player may be flash based or based on HTML5 depending on what browser or version you are using.

There are other more free music storage services available which you will be interested to know about it.

TunesBag Free Music Storage

An awesome free music storage to listen up your music online. It also facilitates the service to connect your account with Dropbox as storage.

Mougg- Free Music Storage

It is an also a good free music storage service which let you upload your music stream from cloud. Also one of the best part is that it integrates also with Android, making it more worthier than Goole music.

Grooveshark-Free Music Storage

Grooveshark a free music library of almost all music.So there is no nedd of free music storage to upload your files into it and than stream from there. It is also free and legal online music, and also pretty much every song we can think of is freely available and streamable with this.And always be updated for efficient and better services.

Zumocast- Free Music Storage

If you want dont want to upload your music to cloud, but still want to access your collection than try Zumocast which turns your computer to a personal cloud.In this you have to leave your computer at home to be used anywhere else and it will work depends on quality of internet connection you have.So your computer is more likely as free music storage.


I hope you have get an valuable info. Please feel free to comment to motivate us.

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