13 December 2012

How to setup a CDN setting of CloudFlare on your domain?

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Setup CloudFlare CDN setting

In the previous post (CloudFlare – A Free CDN service for bloggers), I had explained you about Content Delivery Network (CDN) and key features of CloudFlare, which make this CDN service different from other CDN services.

In this post, I am telling you about how to setup a CDN setting of CloudFlare on your domain.

To setup the CloudFlare CDN setting on your domain, you just have to follow these simple steps as given below…

STEP 1: Before installing CloudFlare CDN setting, you should create an account in CloudFlare database.

STEP 2: After creating the account in CloudFlare, login and enter the URL of your website in given box as shown in the image.
Setup CloudFlare CDN setting - Enter your website

STEP 3: Then click on “Add Website” button to setup the setting.

STEP 4: After that, a list of DNS records arrives in front of your screen, set up CloudFlare setting as per your convenience, then hit on                                           “I’ve added all missing records, Continue” button.

STEP 5: After this a page appears on screen with a lot of options, fill it as given below

Choose a Plan – Free- $0/month
Performance – CDN + Full Optimizations (bleeding edge speed)
Security – High

Then, press on “Continue” button.

STEP 6: After this, CloudFlare asks you to change the name server of your DNS provider. Change it.
Setup CloudFlare CDN setting - Update Nameservers

Then, Click on “I’ve updated my nameservers,continue” button.

Congratulations! You've successfully completed the setup of your domain. In a few minutes, the CloudFlare CDN service starts on your domain.

If you get any problem in any JavaScript file on your website, you can remove it from CloudFlare CDN setting by adding data-cfasync=“false” after each script attribute as given below.

<script data-cfasync="false" type="text/javascript" src="my.js" />
If you have any queries related to this post, you can ask me by commenting in the comment box.

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