27 February 2013

How to schedule your Pinterest pins with Pingraphy to save your time effectively?

6:40 AM By Gaurav Sharma ,

Schedule Your Pinterest Pins with Pingraphy
A few days ago, I started a Pinterest’s board for my blog to get more traffic and after passing few days, you feel happy to know that I attain 500 Followers for my blog in Pinterest very early.

After getting so much traffic and love from Pinterest followers, I felt like I am in heaven. But after passing sometime, I am noticing that Pinterest covers my major part of work-time in pining rather than writing a blog article for my blog or other stuff like SEO, organic traffic and increasing traffic from other social networking sites.

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After this incident, I become so much addicted of this social networking site like using drugs, which is not bad for me in starting, but slowly its side effect arises.

So after getting known of my problem I took some major steps for reducing my addiction towards Pinterest such as I found an important web portal Pingraphy, which is very effective and easy to use.

Pingraphy-Schedule your Pinterest pins in effective way:

Actually, for my problem Pingraphy is one of the best tools I ever get to optimize my pins in Pinterest very easily.

Mostly it is being used for scheduling Pinterest pins and selecting your pins from any webpage or social networking site as well.

For users who want to schedule his Pinterest Pins:

To implement this tool on your Pinterest account and schedule your Pinterest Pins, you just have to follow or watch this YouTube video given below:-

That is all about Pingraphy and schedules your Pinterest Pins effectively.

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