05 March 2013

How Google and Facebook manage their all Data so Effectively?

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Facebook And Google Managment
Have you ever wondered how Google and Facebook manage it's queries in excessive amount of data or how Facebook gets your photos and notifications in such a small time with a large quantity of information that needs scanning for appropriate data item to be retrieved

We are moving into a wide world of Data management called Big Data. This term may seem strange to hear now but it is goanna be the future of internet world. It may be astonishing to know that 90% of the worldwide data that we have on internet is generated in last 2 years.  This accelerated trend is definitely going to continue and it is just a matter of time when it can cross when hundreds of petabytes. 

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There is no pondering over the fact that where the data is coming from. It is the generation of smart phones, social networks like Facebook, twitter and trading platforms.

Google labs had developed an algorithm called Map Reduce that allowed their large data calculations to be chopped up into smaller chunks and map to many computers. And when the calculations were done, we brought back together to produce the resulting data set.

This algorithm is then used to develop open source project called Hadoop which allows applications to run using Map Reduce algorithm.

Google and Facebook This helps Google and Facebook to manage their data easily. Businesses are adopting themselves to use this powerful architecture. There are generally two things that's forcing them to do so. First of all large amount of data, larger than 10 Terabytes and secondly high calculation complexity. Combination of these two factors with a need for fast retrieval of data can demand hadoop architecture.

It can be simply understood as the data processing takes place in parallel instead of processing in serial manner in this architecture which finally leads to faster results.

Facebook currently has the largest Hadoop cluster in the world with more than 100 PB of data which grows roughly half a PB per day. Fascinating isn't it!
So, this technology helps Google and Facebook to manage their big data to retrieve any queries quickly.

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