18 February 2013

Best 3 WordPress Backup Plugins to backup your blog

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Hello guys, in this era of exponential growth of internet technology hackers are becoming a headache for all internet users and also for bloggers. If you are running a blog and wants it be protected from hackers it is very essential to take backups at regular intervals of your blog, but taking backup of blog is not enough! You must backup your files (images, themes,, plugins, etc.) as well. If your blog gets hacked some day and you are satisfied by regaining your posts and comments alone and if you also consider spending hours in gathering and uploading images, plugins, and themes for your blog you can just backup your database. But for intelligent people who don’t want to waste their priceless time backing up your database through best wordpress backup plugin as well as files are essential.

There are best two ways to take backup of wordpress blog:-

  • Manual.

  • Automatic.

Manual backups are one of the solutions of protecting your blog, but it is next to impossible for anyone to take timely backups daily. It also requires a lot of time therefore effective not efficient.

There is a way to back up your blog easily, quickly and automatically then look for some useful free plugins.

There are lots of best wordpress backup plugins available online allowing you to backup Wordpress blog easily. According to me I found best 3 wordpress backup plugins because I used and rated them as the best WordPress backup plugins!


Xcloner best wordpress backup plugin
It backups your blog database as well as your files therefore quite efficient. It is up to your choice to take full or partial backup. You can customize this plugin to take backup of your blog at particular time intervals and backup file can be compressed to save disk space.  XCloner can be viewed as a complete free backup solution for word press and one of the best wordpress backup plugin.


back wpup best backup plugin

This plugin is just awesome because it not only take backup of blog database it also includes your files, include any file or folder, exclude any file or folder, export Word press XML, etc. Apart from its regular functionality it can even check, optimize and repair your database. It also helps in saving disk space by making compressed backups in zip, tar, tar.gz or tar.bz2 formats.

              Backups made from this plugin can be stored in a folder, FTP server, Amazon S3, Google Storage,Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud,google drive etc. and it comes free of cost that’s most impressive feature and make it reach in my best wordpress backup plugin list.

WP DB Backup

wp db backup best backup plugin

Its name defines itself it just backs up your Word Press database. It saves backup to your server, email the backup to you or to anyone you intended to share or you can also download the backup from browser as soon as the backup is complete. This plugin is very effective if you just want to backup your database therefore in my opinion it is still the best wordpress backup plugin but first two are more preferable than this plugin.


Finally, at last whatever plugin you use I discussed the best of them. These best wordpress backup plugin will let you blog safely and securely. Even when you are hacked they served you whenever you wanted them to be.   

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