14 February 2013

How to add Blogger mobile template for your blog?

3:48 AM By Gaurav Sharma ,

Blogger mobile Version

Today, the world has become so much reliant on Mobile phones that it is impossible to lead life without mobile phones. In a short span of time, the usage of Internet on mobile phones has got so viral that it has become even more popular than the other sources of Internet.

At present, with most of the people opting for Smartphones, IPhones etc., the use of mobile Internet has increased far beyond expectations. People now prefer to open all the websites on their phones, rather than their laptops, because It is easily accessible anywhere.

Thus, with the increasing use of mobile Internet, the need for all the website/blog owners to develop a Blogger mobile template has become compulsory. Without a Blogger mobile template, they will lose a large number of valuable visitors, which in-turn reduces their traffic and income and revenue as well.

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How to create Blogger mobile template for your Blog?

Till now, I explained you why it is important to have a Blogger mobile template for your blog.Now, I will explain you how to create a Blogger mobile template for your blog. Follow these steps below to create a Blogger mobile template for your blog: -

Step 1: - First, open your Blogger Dashboard. Now, click on “Template” option on the left side of the webpage.

Step 2: - Now, click on “Customise Mobile template” as shown below.
Blogger Template Changing Setting Button

Step 3: - Next, click on “Yes Show Mobile………..Devices”. After clicking, you see that many Blogger mobile templates are available. Choose the template that you want for your blog.

Step 4: - After choosing the template, click on save button to apply this setting for your blog.
Dialog Box of Blogger mobile version setting

Congrats, your mobile template has been successfully created.

I hope this post will help you create your Blogger Mobile template.

If you have any queries related to this post, then you should comment below.

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