20 February 2013

How to add Long Tweets on Twitter by an awesome longer tweets app?

7:36 PM By Gaurav Sharma

How to increase your tweet length?

Many times, you want to be more expressive in your tweets. However, you fail in this because the barrier of 140 characters always comes between your feelings and your tweets.
That moment you start feeling very awkward, and start wondering if I could exceed the 140 characters limit, but Twitter would never let you do that. Your feelings thus need to be reduced. Is it right to do that? Is backing out from your idea of expressing things well the only solution?
Well certainly not, because there’s an alternative which can let you make long tweets. There are many longer tweets app available on internet which can help you to express your views in twitter effectively.

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How can you make longer tweets with longer tweets app?

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There is an alternative which can let you make long tweets, called “TallTweets” longer tweets app.

This longer Tweets app will break your tweet into many smaller tweets, and publishes them all to Twitter in a sequence in such a way that the entire tweet is read is the same order as it is written. The broken tweets are numbered and are sent in such a way that they can be read from top-to-bottom.

Also, if you want the entire long tweet to be read as a single unbroken tweet, you may choose to publish your long tweet as an image. The text in those images are readable even on mobile screens.

The main advantage of Tall Tweetslonger tweets app is that your Twitter followers can check your entire tweet inside their favorite Twitter client.

To get started, you can sign-in with your Twitter account, compose a tweet and hit publish. The tweet gets published immediately on your Twitter. You can also see check mailbox to verify whether your tweet has been published or not. Also, if you face any difficulties, you can see a video at the homepage of Tall Tweets.

Thus, now even on Twitter, you can enjoy the freedom of expression.

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