03 February 2013

Top 4 tools to download free YouTube videos in an effective way.

10:14 PM By Gaurav Sharma ,

YouTube Downloader

YouTube is a treasure of free YouTube videos -- from your favorite music videos to hilarious segments that keep you laughing, to some of your favorite movie scenes, all available just at one place. The problem is that you can't access these videos when you're not online. Even if you are connected to the Internet, there's always a chance that the user hosting the video will decide to take it down and you won't be able to find another copy.

If you want to continue enjoying your favorite videos online and offline, you can download free YouTube videos. Not sure how to do it? Here I discuss 5 awesome tools to download free YouTube videos in and effective way: -

Downloader Helper:

Download Helper Logo

Downloader Helper is one of the best options to download free YouTube videos because of its user-friendly interface for downloading any YouTube video. According to me, I always prefer this Mozilla Firefox add-on to download videos from YouTube. To install this tool in your PC, you should follow these simple steps given below:

First, open your Mozilla Firefox and after this, click on the given link (Download Helper) so that you can open the installation page of Download helper on your browser. You can find various options on menu-bar such as install, home etc. present on top of the installation page of download helper (Click on install option).

After clicking on Install option, a webpage appears on your screen with a variety of add-ons for your Mozilla Firefox browser, among which you can find a logo having three distinct colours balls. Just adjacent to that logo, there is an install button present to install Download Helper in your browser (Click on it).

A new tab opens with an option to add Download helper add-on in your browser (install it).

After completion of the installation of Download Helper, open YouTube and type your query in the YouTube search box. Select your YouTube video and wait for few seconds for video buffering. When buffering starts, then you can see three ball logo of Download Helper moving on the top of your browser (left hand side). On the right hand side of that logo, you can find an arrow pointing down (click on it). When you click on the arrow, then a drop down menu appears on your screen with various formats of those free YouTube videos. Choose your format and download your free YouTube videos.


KeepVid Logo

If you want to download free YouTube videos in a Geeky manner, then I think you should use keepvid.

According to me, if download helper fails to download any video in good format, then this tool always works because it offers you a wide variety of quality choices for the video that you want. You can download any quality of free YouTube videos that you want to.

It also makes your video in mp3 version, so that if you want to get an audio of any free YouTube videos in very less size, you can do it easily with this awesome tool.

To download video from keepvid, first make sure that Java is pre-installed in your PC? After checking java on your PC, search your YouTube video, so that you can fetch its URL to download your free YouTube Videos easily in various formats.

After fetching the URL of your video, go to Keepvid and paste the URL of your video on the box of keepvid and click on “DOWNLOAD” button (right hand side). After this, a dialog box appears on your screen for asking you to run your java. After clicking on “RUN” button, a list of various formats of your video appears on your screen, choose the desired option and click it to download your free YouTube videos.

YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader Logo

YTD video Downloader is a free YouTube videos program, which is available for any type of video format and browser. To download this software, click on this link (YTD video Downloader)

The next step is to go to YouTube and to copy the video URL. You can find this under the "Share" options below the video.

Highlight the URL and enter CTRL+C to copy the link. You can also right click on your mouse and choose "Copy."

When you switch to the YTD video downloader, the URL should automatically be pasted into the box labelled "Enter the URL of the video you want to download." If it's not, enter it.

You can choose the download quality and the destination folder for your download in the drop down menus under the URL box.

Click the red button in the lower right-hand corner labelled "download."

Depending on the speed of your connection and the size of your free YouTube videos, it will take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes for your download to finish. You should see a status bar and an estimated time while the video downloads:

The status bar will show completed when the download is finished, and your video will appear in the folder you selected when you started the download.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader:

Easy YouTube Video Downloader Screenshot

Easy YouTube Video Downloader is the same as Download Helper. I will advise you to use Easy YouTube Video Downloader. If Download helper is not working properly in your PC, then it is the best alternative to download free YouTube videos.

To download free YouTube videos from Easy YouTube Video Downloader, you just have to follow these simple steps given below.

First, open your Mozilla Firefox and after this, click on the given link (Easy YouTube Video Downloader) to add this add-on in your browser.

After adding Easy YouTube Video Downloader in your Firefox browser, open YouTube and type your query in the YouTube search box. Select your YouTube video and wait for few seconds for video buffering.

Click on “Download” button present just below your YouTube video. Then, a drop-down menu opens with various formats of that YouTube video.

Select your desired option and save free YouTube Videos in your PC.

Have you used any other programs to download free YouTube Videos? Share your favourite’s free YouTube Videos downloader in the comments!

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