15 February 2013

How to secure your dropbox account to avoid spammers and Hackers

secure your dropbox

Nowadays, hacking and spamming have become major issues. Everyday, around thousands of websites, mail and other accounts are hacked. this creates a lot of inconveniences to the users and the viewers of those websites, webpages. Lots of spams and other other unethical actions are also done from those hacked accounts/webpages.
Thus, here I am here to discuss about how to avoid such hacks. In this post I will discussing about how to avoid it in dropbox and how to secure your dropbox because all your personal also matters a lot to you. If someone get access to your dropbox account then all your personal data can be used in any form or can be distributed to outside which you you don't want to share with.
Here are some security measure I am gonna discuss with to avoid such things.

Step 1: Dropbox to avoid such hacking and want to secure your dropbox account it have provide a two way enabled security. To enable a two way security, startuphere. You will be display a screen what you want to do with your account.

two way security

Once you enable this service you are prompted the method from which you can verify your mobile.

enable two way security

I have selected mobile method to secure my dropbox. After this give your code which is received by you to secure your dropbox.

Note: Regarding the Use a Mobile app method. It will ask you to scan a particular QR code or to enter a some code into your mobile to generate a 6 digit code. You can find the more information on apps here.

Step 2: You can also see who use your dropbox account or from where it is been used. Dropbox not provide information from which ip location it is used but you can see at what time and from which system it is used. If you haven't added something than you will get to something problem with your account and thus you need to secure your dropbox account.

push email notification

You also have an option to unlink the unknown computer. Just see below the same page you looking.

Step 3: You can also refer to an event page of dropbox which will give you all information regarding any current changes made in your dropbox account.It also enhances to secure your dropboxSee here to see the event page.

Step 4: Last but not the least change your password frequently to secure your dropbox. It increases security and less chance of spamming.

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