24 March 2013

Ten Best Quick White Hat SEO methods which will bring you New Flavor of SEO In 2013…

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To stay in the top searches of a search query in a search engine, an optimized and advanced version of SEO is essential for any individual or organization having a website. Therefore, an efficient SEO plays an important role in developing marketing strategies for any website.

Not finding your website’s name in the top list of Google search? Wondering what’s wrong with your old SEO methods? Here is a list of ten best quick white hat SEO methods, which can bring your website’s name back to the top results of a search query.


Title tag is one of the most important things in best quick white hat SEO methods which are associated with the search process. It plays a very significant part in indexing websites. It’s one of the first things that are looked upon by a search engine for any query. Therefore, it is quite important to include a few keywords in the title of the website.


For a website, two important Meta tags are ‘description’ and ‘keyword’. The ‘description’ tag should be relevant and should give the user a fair idea about the website. While making the list of all the keywords, a few specific terms should be put in.


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It’s an important point to be considered while designing a website as it will help the users, search engines and the websites find the main key points in your copy. Various heading tags provide priority to contents and help in indexing the website properly.


A small yet relevant Alt attribute on the images will add significant data to the source code and it will help the search engines indexing the site search more efficiently. Including extra relevant data in your website will give it a better chance in terms of greater search engine rankings.


Title attributes on links are very helpful for various links added in a site, especially image links. It is always useful to use descriptive attributes, as they are more user-friendly.


It is a list that contains all the contents of the website. It helps search engines in indexing the site properly and to link the content of the site with other sites.


The content of the website should match the keywords in the Meta tags. It should not only include maximum number of keywords but also it should be relevant and make sense to the user.


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One of the important factors of best quick white SEO methods which determines the rank of a website in a Google search result is the number of links directing to the website. One can use a blog to generate such links or try other websites for the same purpose.


Although not SEO technically, social media is a very important factor to publish and promote a website. With proper utilization, it can be spread virally which will result in more people using the website.

FLASH and SLASH (SEO Don’ts)

Animating any content embedded into a flash website is literally invisible for search engines. Similarly, splash pages become annoying and time consuming for users with time. As far as SEO is concerned, both Flash and Splash are not helpful at all.

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