06 March 2013

Top 5 reasons why you should opt for writing Guest Posts

1:07 AM By Pallav Jain

writing guest post

If you are bored of building backlinks for each and every post on your website/blog, and want some other alternatives for it, then this post is dedicated for you.
Building backlinks for each and every post you write is a tedious task. Each time you build backlinks for your post, it goes to the top in Google Search for a few days, and then again it starts going down after few days. Thus, all the hard work goes in vain.
We need to start building backlinks for it again to take it to top spot. This results in a lot of frustration.
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The following are the reasons why we should go for Guest Posts

Exposure to New Audience

If you keep posting articles for your blog, there are very less chances that you get a new audience. If new visitors like our guest posts, they will surely have a look at our blog.
Writing guest posts for other Blogs helps us to get exposure to a new set of audience. Writing Guest posts helps us to interact with the visitors on the other blog. People with varying thoughts and ideas can comment on our post, ask their queries and reply also. Guest posts can benefit us much more than our expectations.

Building relations with other Bloggers

Guest posts help us build relations with other Bloggers, for whom we write posts. If we write some interesting posts for the famous Bloggers, and help them increase their traffic, we can develop healthy relations with them.
Writing Guest posts regularly might even help us get a lot of respect from even the best Bloggers around the world.

Best tactic for Backlink building

The biggest advantage of Guest posts is that it builds backlinks for us. It gives us a permanent backlinks support, which in turn strengthens our stay at the top pages on Google search Engine.

Any good quality Guest post, sent by us to a famous Blogger can get shared hundreds of times, which might help us increase your Blog ranking, and also give your Blog fame worldwide.

More Subscribers through RSS

increase subscriber through rss feed

If people like our Guest post, they might have a look at our Blog. If they like the contents, they might subscribe to the RSS feeds so as to get regular updates from the Blog. Thus, Guest posts provide long term benefits for our Blog.

Thus, more the number of Guest posts on well-recognized Blogs, more the chance to get traffic, and in turn more RSS feeds.
Also, an entirely new network is created for us through Guest posts. New audience, new ideas, new questions, suggestions all these help us build a new strong network. New ideas and suggestions can prove valuable for us in the long run.

Best way for Blog Promotion

Writing posts only for your Blog will not give you as much promotion, as much writing Guest posts for other Blogs. Writing Guest posts is the best way to promote your blog.  Guest posts will not only help to create new audience for your Blog, but if your contents are liked regularly by audience, it will provide long term benefits, thus promoting our Blog for a long time.
We may be making use of Facebook, Twitter and other social sites for Blog promotion, but none of them can come near to the extent of promotion aided by Guest posts.

Thus, we find that the best way to increase Blog traffic is to write Guest posts regularly for some famous Bloggers, gain their trust, and develop a new and better source of traffic for your Blog.

If you are looking for some promotion through guest post, then here is the chance to grab an opportunity by writing for us. Please check our guest post guidelines. 

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