08 March 2013

How to do masti chat on Twitter chat room to get lots of traffic and followers for you blog?

9:00 AM By Gaurav Sharma

Tweet Chat
When first time, I tried “Tweetchat-a masti chat on twitter chat room”, I think that “What is new about this app?”

It is the same thing like when I am using #hash tags with my every tweet to get notice by the people of my related or interested fields like SEO, Blogging, etc.

After passing few days, I noticed that results through this app are astonishing.
In few days, the traffic from twitter to my site increases 2 times than before and now, I can feel the power of this app.

The most important feature of this app is- It gives you the targeted followers for your blog on twitter at one place, which becomes the main reason of this app success in twitter.

Features of “Tweetchat- a masti chat on twitter chat room” which makes this app unique from other apps are:

Twitter Chat Rooms

  • Retweet the tweets.
  • Tag the tweets as favourite tweets.
  • You can share a link tweet to allow others to join with you in tweetchat rooms.
  • You can reply to any twitter user individually.
  • You can change the time of refresh speed of tweetchat like 5 second for fast refreshing or 60 seconds for slow refreshing.
  • You can also block a twitter user from your chat room while you are talking to other twitter user.
  • As usual you can share link here to increase your blog or website traffic and to share some interesting pics and facts as well.
  • In “Tweetchat- a masti chat on twitter chat room”, you can toggle the font size in two sizes or versions (small or big).
  • If you want to share your tweets with particular users or make a clan on tweet chat, you can do it by using User control’s feature facility. Here, you just have to add the twitter username of your desired twitter accounts
  • There is a play/pause option also given.

I think it is more than enough about Tweetchat.

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