25 January 2013

Learn How to make your own Facebook emoticons

12:31 AM By shubham kedia

make your own lovely facebook emoticons

What is an emoticons and what fun making in it.

As we all know Emoticons, conjointly called emoticon faces, add interest and temperament to otherwise plain text by animating your thoughts with easy-to-see feeling. Messages and notes on Facebook are a lot of attention-grabbing with emoticon faces. Emoticons will categorical happiness, amusement, anger, sadness, shock, mischievousness and even tears. Brighten up your thoughts and communicate feeling with a couple of keystrokes it interact readers with emoticon faces, frowns or perhaps a rolled hair. It's fast and straightforward to try to.

In this post I want to show you how to make your own Facebook   emoticons. It is easy to make your own Facebook emoticons.

Here I want to discuss about a simple website named smileyti.me. A best site to make your own Facebook emoticons.

    Step 1: Just go to this site smileyti.me or smileychatcodes.com
    Step 2: It give a variety of chat fonts and help to upload your own custom 
     image to your chat box.
   Step 3: Just follow steps to make your own Facebook emoticons.
   Step 4:You will see something like this 

fonts for facebook chats

   Want to make a bigger Facebook emoticons than there is one more app.

  There is an one more app on Facebook which also help you to make your  own 
Facebook emoticons even bigger.
make your own facebook emoticon- big emo creator

Step 2: It will create a bigger emoticons than the previous one which I have discussed.
Step 3: Now your own Facebook emoticons are ready to be used in your chat box.

This is one of the Snap of how i make my own emoticon created by this app.
facebook emoticon of my photo in facebook


I think there is nothing to conclude about make your own Facebook emoticons. It for those who want to make their chat little bit more interesting and funny. If you like the post please feel free to comment. It will help me to improve better.

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