09 September 2012

There are many things that alert us in our daily lives. But have you ever heard of something giving us regular alerts in our areas of interest. Sounds strange!! Doesn’t it? Must try Google Alerts.

1:17 AM By Pallav Jain

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What are Google Alerts ?

Google Alerts are simply automated e-mails sent to your Gmail account whenever Google indexes web content - such as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs - that match your search term, that match your selected keywords or keyword phrases. This is a free tool provided by Google. You can choose to include several keywords to narrow down the search alerts or even put your keywords in “quotes” to even further narrow down the relevancy.
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For example, people use Google Alerts to:-
  • Find out what is being said about their company or product.
  • Monitor a developing news story.
  • Keep up to date information about a competitor or industry.
  • Get the latest news on any topic which they have interest in.
How to Set Up A Google Alert?
It takes a minute or less to set up a Google Alert. You just need to follow these basic steps mentioned below :-
2.  Type in the search query you want to monitor.
3.  Choose what type of results you want to follow (everything, news, blogs, video, discussions, or books).
4.  Choose how often you want to receive updates (as-it-happens, once a day, or once a week).
5.  Choose if you want “Only the best results” or “All results.”
6.  Choose the email address you want your alerts sent to, or create a feed.
7.  Click “Create Alert.”

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Advantages of using Google Alerts :

1)   It saves a lot of searching time as we don’t have to go through too many articles for finding updates in our areas of interest. Google Alerts keeps us continuously updated about that topic.
2)   Secondly , we have an option of getting updates about that topic in the time limit that we want (weekly , daily , as it happens ).This is also very helpful for people who don’t like too much of reading(lazy reader’s like me),who prefer to read updates once a week.
3)   Thirdly, there is a provision for filtering the less important articles.  Demands can also be fulfilled depending on whether we want to see only the best results or all results.
4)   Even the laziest of people (like me), who are lazy in searching, get the updates without wanting to search for it. That’s the most beautiful thing about it.

Thus, we see that there are many reasons why we must use Google Alerts. It not only saves the most valuable thing in this world ‘time’, but also reduces the burden of searching. Those who have started using it are updated regularly. Those who haven’t , must start using it from now only because the world is changing fast, so you must be updated enough to be at par with the other people in the world.

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