03 September 2012

If you want to buy Organic and Ayurvedic products, then log on to this website…..

6:45 PM By Gaurav Sharma

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Are you using chemical medicines for your illness and through which you get various side effects like headache, stomach pain, vomiting, allergy, etc. then this portal may help you to find a right Organic andAyurvedic products for your disease. Satvikshop.com , which is a complete portal of more than 20 brands of Organic andAyurvedic products such as Dabar, Besure, Divine, Morrarka, etc. for your illness.

The more features of Satvikshop.com are:-

1.  This portal also gives you information on products like product details, brand name, ingredients, medicinal uses, side-effects, user reviews and dosage requirements.

2.  Users can also search products on the basis of different categories like gender, diseases, common complaints, etc.

3.  This portal also includes a panel of 20 doctors who provide free consultation about your illness or complaints.

4.  There is a call centre facility as well, which provides guidance to the customers on a 24/7 basis.

5.  Free shipping has been provided in this portal as well.

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So throw out all this useless chemical medicines and use Organicand Ayurvedic products only for your illness.


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