19 September 2012

Shortcut keys to be used in Microsoft Word (MS Word)

1:06 AM By Pallav Jain , ,

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Are you tired of clicking your mouse again and again while using Ms Word?? Or are you tired of searching for different functions in MS Word?  Then here’s the solution to reduce the usage of mouse. Following are a few shortcuts that can help you not only save time, but also make the usage of MS Word simple and convenient.

Shortcuts using Ctrl button:-

Ctrl+X                                          : Cut the text
Ctrl+C                                           : Copy the text
Ctrl+V                                          : Paste the text
Ctrl+B                                           : For bolding the text
Ctrl+I                                            :  Italic text
Ctrl+U                                          :  Underlining the text
Ctrl+P                                          :  For printing the page
Ctrl+]                                           :  Increase font size of the text
Ctrl+[                                           : Decrease font size of the text
Ctrl+=                                          : For subscripting the text
Ctrl+1                                          : Single space b/w the lines
Ctrl+5                                          : 1.5 space b/w the lines
Ctrl+2                                          : Double space b/w the lines
Ctrl+Del                                      : Delete one word from the right
Ctrl+Backspace                         : Delete one word from the left
Ctrl+right                                   : jump one word to the right
Ctrl+left                                      : jump one word to the left
Ctrl+End                                     : jump to the end of the document
Ctrl+Home                                 : jump to the beginning of document                                             

Ctrl+H                                         : Replace the word
Ctrl+K                                         : Insert the hyperlink
Ctrl+A                                         : Select all text

Shortcuts using Shift Button:-

Shift+Enter                                : Insert a line break                            
Shift+left                                    : Extend selection one character to the left
Shift+right                                 : Extend selection one character to the right

Shortcuts using Ctrl+Shift  button:-

Ctrl+Shift++                               : For subscripting of the text
Ctrl+Shift+W                             : Underline words but not spaces
Ctrl+Shift+D                              : Double underline
Ctrl+Shift+left                           : Extend selection to the beginning of a word
Ctrl+Shift+Right                        : Extend selection to the end of a word
Ctrl+Shift+A                              : Convert the selected text in capital
Ctrl+Shift+Enter                       : Column Break
Ctrl+Shift+K                              :  Convert the selected text in small

Some other useful shortcuts:-

Alt+Ctrl+S                                 : Splits the documents
F10                                             : Menu Mode
F12                                            : Save as
Alt+Shift+T                              : Time Field

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By using these shortcuts, you can reduce the time taken to finish off your works in MS Word. Hope you find these shortcuts to be effective.

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