06 September 2012

A portal which gives you recharge on sending SMS to your friends…(only for Indian users)

1:11 AM By Gaurav Sharma

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Are you fond of messaging to your loved ones, then try this portal Ultoo, which gives you recharge as well when you send a message to your friend. It offers you an unique program of sending SMS at lightning speed and rewards its users with FREE mobile recharge in return. To recharge your mobile with the earnings of ULTOO, you just need a minimum balance of Rs.10 in your ULTOO’s wallet.
The more features of this portal (which makes it more useful) are:-
1.   You can import your contacts with EXCEL sheet easily.
2.   It guarantees an exceptionally fast delivery of SMS.
3.   It is easy to use.
4.   Users are awarded with bonuses for performing certain activities as given below
a.   For successful Registration Rs 2.
b.   For Email verification Rs 1.
c.    For sending SMS two paisa/SMS.
d.   For inviting friends (through SMS/Email) Rs 1.
5.   It covers all the major telecom operators for your mobile recharge present in India.
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So enjoy it…
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