02 September 2012

Add your Blogger’s blog on Bing search by META tag….

8:43 PM By Gaurav Sharma

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If you have already add your blog on Google Search, then it’s time to add your blog in Bing, which is not a simple task for a new blogger because in the Bing Webmaster Tool, you should have done a verification to add your blog on Bing and for the verification of your blog, you must add an XMLfile or a Meta tag in your blog.
At present, I know “how to add a Meta tag” only and I am working on “how to add an XMLfile” on your blog.
So let’s start….
First, you have to sign up in Hotmail (without Hotmail account you can’t register your blog in Bing), after signing up you just want to follow this easy step.
1.   Go to Bing Webmaster Tool link as given.
2.   Then click on “Sign in” button present on the webpage.
3.   After this add your blog (URL, sitemap) and submit it.
4.   At last, you want to verify by choosing XML file or Meta tag, choose Meta tag.
5.   Then go to your blogger account and change the platform in old Blogger interface, where you have to go to Design option.
6.   Then a new webpage will opened where at above of the webpage three options are given, choose EDIT HTML.
7.   You can see a page as given below…
Image 02
Click on the image to enlarge it

8.   You want to paste your Meta tag below the <head> of your website as shown.
Image 03
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9.   Then save this template and go to BingWebmaster Tool and press verify option.
10.      Congrats! Your blog has been added on Bing.

You can use this method to add your blog in Alexa and Google search also.
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