22 August 2012

A clean version of Facebook is set to be launched in Muslim community soon….

7:02 PM By Gaurav Sharma

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A new version of Islamic Facebook “SALAMWORLD” is set to be launched in Indonesia this November. So you are going to ask me that what’s new about this ….
In this era of the evolution of social media, many social networking sites come and go. Some produce noticeable popularity like Google Plus or some not. Since Facebook in the market, but this time SALAMWORLD will be doing little different with others like in this social networking site you can use the Halal option for inappropriate content such as pornography or illegal drugs( so you can describe this site as Halal Facebook also)by ensuring that its pages uphold and respect family values.
The more features of SALAMWORLD are-
1. Salamworld is a chance for Muslims to have their own space in internet and in social networks.
2. Salamworld is the unique communication system,     enabling exchange of knowledge, skills, useful  information, jobs and business opportunities, for Muslims.
3. Salamworld is an instrument to revive, modernize,    develop Ummah it in terms of the lifestyle.
4. Salamworld is a window of opportunities for young people.
5. Salamworld aims preserving traditions of a family   seeking harmless and safe content for their children..

To get an invitation from go to SALAMWORLD , then type your email id
In ENTER YOUR EMAIL HERE box and save it. When SALAMWORLD will arrive in the market, they will send you an invitation on that day.
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