24 August 2012

Get 5GB online storage for your important data on Google Drive….

7:23 PM By Gaurav Sharma

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In this era of IT world, we bought a laptop for completing office’s spare work in the home and then pen drive for portability. But somehow in the rush of work, we forget some important files and folders which have stored in your laptop and to be presented today in the office meeting. So I am asking you what are you going to do next? So to prevent this type of accident in your office, Google provides a gadget (Google Drive) through which you can upload and retrieve your data up to 2GB.
To make an account in Google Drive, you have a Gmail account or if you don’t have, sign up directly and you get a Gmail and Google drive account both. You can access it from anywhere in the world and it is also available in the market at zero cost for PC, Mac, chrome OS, iPhone, iPod and Android devices. If you have a desire to get some more space, then don’t be disappointed. Google Drive provides some more options to extend your memory.
The other features of Google drive are-
·       You can create new documents, spreadsheets and presentations inside the Google drive account.
·       You can download the installation version of Google drive for your PC which automatically syncs your data in your Google account.
·       You can share your data in Google +and other Google products.
·       It has a powerful search button to search your files rapidly.
·       You can open more than 30 file types in your browser (including HD video, adobe reader, Photoshop, etc.) without any installation of plug-ins and add on.
·       When you are retrieving your data from Google drive to any other PC. It has compressed the files in .zip type.
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So what are you waiting for?... Go to Google Drive and download it.

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