18 August 2012

How can you use grammar checker software in Google chrome which can help you in writing a blog?

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One day, my English professor said,”Gaurav you are pathetic in English writing skills”. That thing hurts me a lot on that day, so after this all happens. I decided to start a blog to enhance my vocabulary and grammar skills. And, I was writing a post on that day, but when I completed the post. I observed that who is going to check my post’s grammar and spellings. So I checked in Google search and after so much exploring, I found some extensions of Google chrome add on which greatly help me correct my faults in the post. However today I am telling you to how can you add these extensions in your Google chrome browser.

·       First open your browser and go to customize and control your browser button, which is placed apart from the URL typing box.

·        Then Go to TOOLS>>Extensions and click on it.

·       After that a webpage is opened up in which a collection of the extension’s present, which have installed in your browser.
Extensions of Google Chrome in which you can add different add ons

·       At the bottom right, a link “get more extensions” is present
 (click on it).

·       Chrome web store is opened up, then search AFTER THE DEADLINE and Grammar and spellchecker by ginger.

·       Add those extensions in your Google chrome and install it.

·       After the completion of installation, write your post in a blog and then it automatically detects the error and faults.

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