19 August 2012

Create a QR code for your blog; therefore you can separate your brand from others…

7:32 PM By Gaurav Sharma

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Today I am going to tell you how to create QR codes for your blog or website free to make out your blog different with others. First, What is a QR code?.... When you went outside to buy some items like electric appliance, biscuit and any other grocery items, you have found some lines which have been drawn behind the pack. That line is called UPC barcodes and to replace this old technology Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave invented QR code, which is more reliable than UPC barcode.
Today, that thing has been used in many areas of industrialization like use in mobile operating system, retail, URLs, Virtual QR stores, etc.
It comes in three types- micro QR code, standard QR code and artistic QR code and I am telling you about how you can produce mini QR code for your blog through Kaywa QR code click on this link and type your Blog’s URL
,therefore click on “generate free” option. After clicking on that option, a logo and some type of html code is produced, then copy that html code and paste in your blog’s html widget. Your unique QR code is produced in your blog, and you can produce an account to control fully on your QR code in KAYWA by using Google, Facebook and twitter accounts.
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